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SWOT Analysis
1. Strenghts
ActivEngage offers a mobile app to dealerships so potential buyers have more availability if they need assistance on any matter. It helps them stay connected to the dealership and build a stronger relationship with them,creating loyalty towards a specific company.
The company is the only one of its kind in Orlando,Florida giving them a competitive advantage against other ones in the state and the country.
Their value is higher and their customer service better. They are the only company with staff in their office,so it is easier to deal with customer issues.
ActivEngage has the best quality live chat,offering features that other companies do not offer. It is pricier but the variety they propose is worth the money dealers have to pay.
It is the largest live chat company in size.

They are a small company when it comes to number of dealers they work with.
ActivEngage only provided their services in the car industry, so they are very limited.
The only way for the comapany to grow is if they expand their service to other car dealerships which takes time and money to do.
Compared to other companies state and nationwide,their prices are too high.It is the highest priced produc in this particular market.
It is based in Orlando so they are not very well known across different states.

3. Opportunities
ActivEngage can start expanding their company by providing better advertisement. Creating a Facebook page can help them become known in social networks and also create more customers for the future. Also, making their website more user-friendly can help car dealerships and even customers from the dealerships itself understand what the company is all about.
By having a better communication with the dealerships and creating more clients little by little they can create a loyal relationship with the customers and become their first choice in live chat for their websites. By being available for the consumers and showing how much they appreciate on choosing ActivEngage,their relationship will become from just closing a sale to a long-term business exchange.
Expanding nationwide by opening more offices around United States and selling their product to bigger and well known car dealerships will help the company become very well known and increase revenue.
Creating promotions and discounts to new and existing consumers can help develop a long-term relationship with the dealerships and build more profit for ActivEngage which helps the company expand and become higher in demand.

There are other companies in the market such as CAO that are cheaper and have little…