Swot Analysis Of Do It Yourself Car Care

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Swot Analysis

The business plan that I purpose for everyday people who does not have a location or access to tools will be a do-it-yourself car care so the name I purpose for my business is called Do-It-Yourself Car Care. The business location will start out in the Midwest. The product or service I provide to customers as a place an individual can do their own car care maintenance on their vehicle and worrying that they will get ripped off or cheated with unnecessary maintenance or work that would warrant additional money to the customer for services that are not needed. The purpose of my business plan is to provide the customer with empowerment, knowledge, and access to tools, internet, and ASE Certified knowledgeable employees to help guide my customers in repairing their own vehicle repairs that are large or small. First, I will talk about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of My Do-It-Yourself Car Care Company. My venture will have experienced creative leaders, and researchers. I will provide experienced and trained staff in ASE Certified staff to assist customers on how to fix their vehicles properly. My well developed and researched business model of my company will contain a well trained staff with resources and computers; this will therefore be a well-developed business model. My well designed product of customers fixing their own vehicles will ensure that customers will have the satisfaction knowing that their own vehicle will be fixed right the first time because they fixed their own vehicle and they were not ripped off saving them time and money in the long run. The market segments that I will accurately target are age groups eighteen years of age and older as well as single mothers who have no idea how to fix and repair their own vehicles. Age and demographics I want to focus on as my customers at my company young adult and single mothers. My personnel will be able to have good marketing skills by having highly trained and certified mechanics on site to help customers repair their vehicles the right way. My company will use highly trained and certified workers and resources that will be utilized to help the customer repair their vehicle. These three aspects will provide the right marketing mix for my company. My company will provide efficient operations and materials management system by providing the right staff and time, tools and resources available to my customers as well as parts for their vehicles if needed on site to fix their vehicle properly. Second, the things I will explain about my weaknesses of my company and find ways to empower and attract my business company to my customers. The venture that I will promote will have a properly thought out business model. In my opinion, I do not think that I have a poorly thought out business by describing my customer’s age, demographic, and about the purpose of my business plan to my customers. I feel my customer’s needs have not been defined inaccurately because I have expressed the need for customers to be able to do their own care maintenance, but I can improve on my over-all marked segment by getting the word out about my company to customers through the advertisement channels, newspaper ads, television, and radio means. There is an inappropriate or poorly designed marketing plan in mix but I am personally going to convert this issue and come up with ways to do a better job to improve my designed marketing plan and mix by hiring professional staff to give me more critical ideas to improve my over-all objective of my company. I will work on or improve my operations and materials management systems that are not in place by hiring and recruiting highly trained employees. Third thing I will talk about are opportunities to improve my customer’s demand base in my target market segments by increasing my revenue and advertising segments of my business. My existing product range can be widened to target new market