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Crystal Bones
Week 4

SWOT Analysis

The Business Plan I have chosen is a Dessert Bakery Plan. My reason for suggesting this plan is because it can bring fun showing to customers as they watch their desserts being served and catered to them. This plan was well thought of by Rutabaga Sweets located in Washington DC. They are described as a quick-service restaurant where customers sit around the bar and watch their desserts being made.

I believe after reading their business plan that they have thought about the important areas of focus such as, their market segment’s, locations, and the population surrounding the business to ensure the appeal for their products and customers. I liked how they made a company concept on their forecasted financials for up to three years, which falls into the SWOT matrix wonderfully. In doing all of this great planning, they are ensuring strengths, and opportunities that will help with the business greatly.

I have also noticed that in the business plan they have also made their objectives, missions and key ways to be successful for this business. This allows them to be able to point out their weakness and threats for the company. I find that their start-up requirements are also helpful in understanding their financial layout on starting up this business and to understand the total assets required to start up their company. When it comes to this financial layout, they begin to understand the liabilities that can become involved along with all the time and effort that needs to be put into this business.

They have a very well thought of a plan especially when it comes to their products and how to catch the eye of the customers. I also appreciated at that they are making it very fun for customers to keep returning especially since they are offering customers a chance to join in the fun and take cooking classes taught by Cordon Bleu, which is a trained chef. I find this is great because customers can enjoy some wonderful sweets and also get chances to come on in and get hands-on experience. In my opinion offering promotions like this can help a business greatly, especially when it becomes a family orientated, and all these hosted events will keep them coming back to enjoy the fun.

I also noticed that they took note of their competition. This is crucial because this can be a threat or weakness to the business. Knowing the competition and how they function is the best way to get a clear understanding on how they should conduct their business and products for advertisement. All of the steps in this business plan are the right way to go. I hope to do the same when I have that chance to own a company one day. Using the