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Regarding transferable skills, I am strong with my teamwork skills, which were needed for the project I was involved in. Teamwork was an important skill as it meant that we had to rely on others to do their share of the work so nobody was left behind. As far as the number of people in our group, I think it was a suitable number and was very effective. According West (2003), the author of Effective Teamwork: Practical Lessons from Organisational Research, “the base conditions for teamwork include having a real team whose membership is clear, which is of the right size, relatively stable in membership and involved in a task that requires teamwork.”

My weaker skills involved my lack of leadership skills and the ability to delegate tasks to my peers. Throughout the project I tended to follow given orders given by my partners instead of organise or direct them. However, I believe that my strong teamwork skills made up for my weaknesses as I worked well, and was reliable, allowing the work to get done just as well.

Personally, I work better alone rather than in a team, which opened up opportunities for working independently to meet deadlines for the group project. When I was assigned work by the team, who negotiated and split up workloads, I was much quicker at gathering the research alone.

Although I work well independently, I have many commitments at home such as caring for my horses, and work which threatens my time management skills. Despite organising my time, I cannot always plan for emergencies such as being needed suddenly for work, or prolonged time being spent at the yard where the horses are kept.

My academic skills, I believe, are much stronger than my transferable skills. One particular skill I believe I am strong in is reading, and finding the relevant information from articles and reputable websites. I find I can use my reading skills to skim over unimportant or unneeded information