Essay on Swot Analysis and Plott Plants

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Informal Report to Plott Plants Ltd.
To Tracy Quinn, Tutor

From Gabor Hochstein,
Date 27 November 2009

Title Relating in the approach of Sam Potts manager of the Plott Plants Ltd. analysed the company


After the first meeting We found the following problems:

• loosing costumers relating in they feels less care with their needs • costumers choosing competitors which is linked with the first problem above • producing smaller range of plants and cut-off flowers, which has an affect on the next problem • loosing profit and the company turning into loss • turnover increase due to key people left to the competitors

We have a good concept to find out what is the company strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is called SWOT analysis related to business functions1.

The purpose is to take under consideration the company strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in relation to four key business departments: marketing, human resources and finance. We going to put all these problems into a table2 make easy to understands what we should do to get back in play.

| |Marketing |Operations |Human Resources |Finance | | |Strenghts |good relationship with local councillors, local businesses such as hotels good costumer composition who are sensitives about quality service(plant-lovers,experts) chance to have new contracts with competitors such as supermarkets as a supplier good reputation, well known brand |Cheaper delivery, advanced technology and capacity, equipments are the "latest" |people are well trained,specialised on particular species have a horticultural consultant |range of plant are reasonably priced relation in special needs have high valued properties with a chance of more finance sources involved | | |Weaknesses |increasing the number of complaints increasing competition nearby lost costumers giving poor feedback about service |complicated order processing |people seemed overworked few of key staff resigned remaining staff complaining about work conditions |company loosing costumers,which indicates loosing profit | | |Opportunities |Expansion, buying one of the competitor companies,best choice: Specialist Plants Ltd., potential immediate result less competitors
Find a new way to supply supermarkets |with expansion can synchronised similar functions, which opens a window to save money on a longer term,getting new technology and procedure |horticultural consultant(which…