Swot Analysis Chick-Fil

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SWOT analysis is defined as, “an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in an organization’s internal environment and the opportunities and threats in its external environment.” (Williams 117). SWOT stands for: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths are looking at the positives that the company has, while the weaknesses look at what the company is lacking, therefore able to be fixed. The opportunities look at what the company can do externally and the threats looks at what competition can do to hurt the company. The SW part of SWOT assesses the internal part of the company and the OT assesses the external environment of the company.
Companies use this acronym to self-analyze what they can improve with their company. By completing the analysis, the company can then look at how to increase internal strengths, maximize external opportunities, lower
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The companies put the SWOT analysis into practice by looking a distinctive competence. Distinctive competence is, “what a company can make, do, or perform better than its competition.” (117). The company wants to look at how to better not only within itself, but how they can stand out from their competitors.
As an example of a SWOT analysis, one of my favorite restaurants/ companies is Chick-fil-a. To complete a SWOT analysis, you must start with strengths. Their strengths are that they have delicious fast food. They also have great customer service. Everyone is always so friendly and instead of saying, “you’re welcome”, they always say, “my pleasure”. Weaknesses that Chick-fil-a has are that they’re always so busy that you sometimes have to wait a long time in lines. Another weakness is, since they’re a Christian owned company, LGBT does not agree with them, thus, losing customers from that community. One more weakness they