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Marks and spencer:
Firstly, Marks and Spencer PLC is one of the UK’s leading retailers, selling a variety of products including clothing, home furnishings and food, which may not have the flexibility of some of its more focused competitors. Those different products lines need differnet departments in which there is a lack of expertise that may result in their business not doing so well. Besides, M &S is also the World’s largest retailer which may lead to the weakness in some areas due to a huge span of control. In addition, the company is global, but has a presence in relatively few countries wordwide. The priority markets of Marks and Spencer are in India, China, the Middle East and Russia all have seen GDP growth, but other market are not all have it.
Secondly, for M&S, the target group is for upper class and upper middle class. However, the price is too much for several customers, such as working class. Therefore, in a way , there exist a limitation of its market share.

Firstly, other retail stores are a threat due to their discounted prices. For example,.Asda and Tesco which are always sell product in discounts that is atrractive to customers and plays an important role in customers loyalty. They are specialised in niche markets and consumers’ focus to provide a better consumers satisfaction. What’s more, they prefer to import products from abroad to save cost, which puts M&S in a cost disadvantage for a percerived “higher quality”(4).
Secondly, M&S being a global retailer means they are the target of competition, locally and globally. However, different countries have different policies, so M&S is exposed to different political facts in countries they work in when they are competite with other competitors both in home and at abroad which makes M&S under double pressure.

Luara Asheley
Firstly, pay attention to expertise and konwledege. For Luara Ashley, to enhance Laura Ashley brand and expand product lifestyle, its licensing partners are selected for their detailed expertise and unique knowledge providing the Group with the opportunities(5).
Secondly, the domestic market for Laura Ashley is large because of the good brand presence and strong equity in the English market. For example, brand Ambassador is Laura Ashley who is known for great designs and creativity(6).
Thirdly, it has numerous product lines suitable for different people with different styles(6). For example, Laura Ashley’s clothing line has Victorian prints with re-designed modern styles, which are appropriate for formal or casual wear for young executive women.
In addition, the customer loyalty is strong.Laura Ashley fills a niche for Victorian-inspired clothing and has established an audience in women.
Besides, the existing distribution and sales networks make contribute to the total revenue. In 2012, Laura Ashley expanded their e-commerce into four international markets and 24% of their total revenue is e-commerce revenue(7).

Firstly, there is still a limited global reach compared to other international players, including only british and Japaness markets(6).
Secondly, the strong target audience of Laura Ashley is women over 40-years-old. However, because of a negative brand image proportion, it is losing market share among 25 to 35 years-old women(7) .
Thirdly, there still exists some old styles that are not popular wiith the public. For example, the design of clothing include A-shape, which are old fashion blouses, long dresses and wide designs that do not shape young women's body well(7).

There is a new market in the U.S. Clothing and lingerie with floral designs are fashional and blooming in the U.S. and Laura Ashley’s products are available in thousands of department stores in the US(7). What’ s more, there may exit a potential market in the U.S. As Laura Ashley were the first company that came out with the Victorian print designs which gives the company a unique, classic advantage over