SWOT analysis for Supplies4U Ltd Essay example

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1 SWOT analysis for Supplies4U Ltd.


Excellent present position in the market with annual sales of 6 million Capital invested in the company by the owner being a lottery winner secures sufficient financial resources. A large fresh, frozen and cooked meat supplier to trade customers. Long operating hours seven days a week. The owner of the company has a long experience in a meat trade.


The owner of the company impossible to contact with. Old equipment purchased second hand and poorly maintained Reported customer complaints and illnesses as a result of eating products purchased from Supplies4U Ltd. Lack of effective management and as a result poor supervision leading to fraud such as : - corruption between the staff and delivery drivers as the meat products are being bought from them also the meat of an unknown origin without necessary documentation is being delivered and concealed from a supervisor -theft of a large quantity of meat -deception during the production of beef burgers staff can mix meat remnants in terms of pork, beef, chicken ,goat and horses also when halal meat is not available to complete the order the available meat is deliberately labelled as halal with the intention of deceiving the customer and for financial gain as halal meat is more expensive Deficiencies in the present competencies.
Poor workforce supervision and lack of control with only one supervisor in the area where meat is stored and where all employees have an unlimited access to the fridges and freezers.
Shortage of key managerial staff in place. Working hours in the office not being respected by the office staff. The access to the offices using fire exit doors is being used by employees instead of the main Door. Lack of bureaucratic structure e.g. payments by cash or meat for repairing fridges not being recorded if supervisor not available. Collection of purchased