Swot Analysis Of Cambridge Satchel Company

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Task 1
Cambridge Satchel Company is one of the successful manufacturers of British satchels and other leather goods founded in 2008, in Cambridge England. It was founded by Julie Deane as an experimental basis with as low as £600 start-up capital but by the end of one year, it reached 6 figures turnover. Now it became as one of the leading luxury bag companies of recent times based in England
The path to success was not without barriers and difficulties. When it started it suffered acute capital shortages which paved the way for being more innovative and imaginative in the product lines.
Through market and research and from the company reports and findings, few points on the strength and weakness of the company are summarized below

It brought up an innovative and retro-designed product line which found gap in the market. People easily feel nostalgic about the satchels and they attract them with bright beautiful colours and vigorous sizes. The company was proud of their product lines of being locals. They are made in England and made of British leathers and craftsmanship. During the boom of e-commerce, the established a company purely based on online sales and let it grew from there exposing them to the bigger markets.
As the company grew faster day by day, it found an absence of proper organizational structure in the company and the absence of appropriate knowledge of handling the fraudsters who were selling the counterfeit products destroying the brand image. Later he hired an agency to overcome the misuse of digital world and protect own brand and trademark.

Julie Deane founded the company in their Cambridgeshire home in 2008 with a star-up capital of £600 only. It started as a small family business, derived from the kitchen table and now transformed into a leading manufacturers of British satchels and a brand of local amd homemade british bag. It stepped up to be a luxury brand of brutish satchels and llather goods.
It started its operation as a very small scale manufacturer with a simple website with inadequate skill, experience and shortage of capital. But the shirtage of resources made him more innovative and creative in the manufacturing and the design process.
One of the big strength of the company is the unique design which made him classic fasion accessory and bold bright colours. People loved the style, size and colours and the brand became one of the luxury mainstream fashion lines. It is made from local products and by local people. The