Swot Analysis Of Company Industry

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3.6 Number of employees working
In the company providing good employment opportunity according to their educational background and presently the to the number of employees working in the organization is more than 1000 employees and they are happy telling that good environment provided by the company and happy working under klenepacks ltd

3.7 Department structures

Department structures
3.8 The major products manufactures of klene packs ltd
1. PP/HDPE Laminated: - it is a pp woven fabric and it is contained extra one layer plastic thin cover and it is to extra protector to pp woven fabric and it is in the farm of roll and it is to be develop on the bases user either it is to
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Sipani Fibers - Kolar
2.Hanuman Poly bags - Doddabalapur
3. Tulsi Yan - Doddabalapur
4. Lion Polymers – Bangalore
5. Bright Packaging - Mangalore
6. United Chemicals – Bangalore
7. SLV industries - Tumkur
8. Poly pack industries – Hospet
9. Nanjundeshwara - Bangalore

SWOT Analysis: - it is the study of overall performance of the company and it studies The actual situation of the company.

Strength: - Infrastructure and manufacturing units expanding it is the major strength of The company.
Weakness: - lack of co-ordination with various departments it is leads to logistics Problem and supply delay to customers.
Opportunity: - Getting opportunity from orders from international market and supplying to various different countries and it leads to continue and it is big opportunity to the company.
Threats: - threat of competitors acquiring customers with low price and this is one Of big threats of the company.

4.2 – Problem definition and Objectives

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And we study the various steps that are generally adopted by a researcher in studying the research problem along with the logic behind them.

Research Meaning
Research in common refers to search for knowledge. Research is art of scientifically investigation.
Research Methods :
A research method refers to the behavior and instruments used for selecting and constructing research Techniques. Research methods may be understood that which method or technique that are used for conduction of research. Regarding this research/product observational method has been following the observation.

Research Methodology: is the solve the research problem and it may be done through scientifically. We can study the various steps that are generally adopted by researcher for studying his research problem. Researchers needs to know which method or techniques are used which are relevant or which are not relevant and what would they indicate it and why.
4.3.1 – Data collection methods

Sampling Method:
Sampling method indicates how the sample units are selected. There are various types of sample designs which can be covered under the two board groups random or probability or non-random sample
Sources of DATA:
Data is collected in two