Swot Analysis Of Netflix

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Toady’s organizations operate in rapidly changing competitive and turbulent environments. The economic and technology landscape is subjected to consistent churn from disruptive innovation and advancement in technology. The industry flag bearers of the last decade in the business and economy is fast turning into outdated monoliths without relevance. In order to stay relevant, organizations need to be flexible, innovative and quickly adapt to the changing environment. The world business has moved successively from the mechanical to industrial and to automation era and to a totally digital age. As they try to learn and adapt to the new normal in the digital world, the success factor for them is the ability to convert the creative ideas and analytical …show more content…
They started as a DVD rental firm in 1997 and evolved into internet streaming services as the technology has evolved from DVD to faster internet and powerful computers. They are one of the pioneers in the content streaming business and has moved to content and entertainment generation along with distribution. The company operates on cutting edge technology and the employees are primarily ( ~60% ) engineers.
Netflix introduced their new organizational culture by early 2011 which is based on the concept of freedom and responsibility. The company operates without much written policies and processes. Every employee is expected to perform based on their extreme depth of skills to the betterment of the organization and the organization focus on retaining the best of the employees who demonstrate and live by the 9 behaviors depicted by the company’s culture deck presented by the CEO. As expected, all the necessary requirements for a great workplace is included in the 9 behavioral traits such as good judgment, communication, an urgency to do great work ( Impact ), curiosity which explains the need to learn and keep one upskilled and rapidly innovate, open and courageous, passionate about their work, honesty and selflessness in the corporate
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As all the team members are left to mend their ways, either they are too busy or have a different view on the ‘context’ as set by the management, they run the risk of not receiving any timely feedback for course correction and there is no incentive for team work and collaboration. The heat generated in such an environment where each one try to outperform the others for sustainability would be substantially detrimental for an organization which rely on the team work and the customer support derived out of highly engaged