Swot Analysis Of Suzanton

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Table of Contents
Vision 4
Philosophy 4
Mission 4
Suzlon Positioning 5
Organization Structure of Suzlon Group 6
Organizational Structure 7
Business Strategy 9
Porter’s Five Competitive Forces 11
SWOT Analysis 21
Strengths 21
Weaknesses 22
Opportunities 23
Threats 24
Tows Matrix 26
Suzlon’s low cost strategy 27
Competitive Strengths 30
Product-Market Characteristics 34
End To End Solutions Models 35
Corporate Social Responsibility 37
Summary and Recommendation 39
Conclusions: 40

About the Company
Suzlon Energy is a global wind power company based in India. Suzlon is a market leader in Renewable Energy Resources segment in India. It specializes in providing total
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Company has appointed heads for a small business unit department also, so small decisions can be made by them and other upper level heads can do their work better and with less stress.

Business Strategy

It separates Suzlon from its competitors. Suzlon’s strategy is based on its long-term goals. It then divides the long-term goal in few short-term goals and builds the strategy accordingly to achieve these short-term goals. They set the system which is favoring the individual goals by filling up the form by which they can judge what the employees want. The main focus area of the company is to provide power at the cheaper cost. Also need to consider environmental benefits which help society. They are into the business of renewable energy source. There will be huge demand of wind energy resource in the world. Constantly company is working for the feasibility of the project because windmill installation required huge amount of capital investment. Company has different policy than its competitors. Company has expert team, new technology, ethics and policy which create value for company.

✓ Improving cost efficiency: The main goal of the Suzlon is to reduce the cost of production and due to this it can attract more customers as well as create differentiation and due to that only it is going for the integration so that it does not have