Swot: Hotel and Criteria Examples Essay

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SWOT Analysis Template

Situation being analysed: Assessment of the hotels suitability at the higher grading of four stars.

|criteria examples |Strengths |Weaknesses |criteria examples |
| | | | |
|Advantages of proposition? |Strong position on marketplace, |Strong competition, |Disadvantages of proposition?|
|Capabilities? | | | |
|Competitive advantages? |Centralised reservation system, |Lack of flexibility, |Gaps in capabilities? |
|USP's (unique selling |Impactful marketing | |Lack of competitive strength?|
|points)? | | | |
|Resources, Assets, People? |Mobility inside the group |Low qualified employees, |Reputation, presence and |
|Experience, knowledge, data? |International team |Difficulties to fill low pay positions |reach? |
|Financial reserves, likely | | |Financials? |
|returns? |Planned revenue increased |Development of hotel services without |Own known vulnerabilities? |
|Marketing - reach, |4 Accor hotels in Southampton |creating new jobs, |Timescales, deadlines and |
|distribution, awareness? | | |pressures? |
|Innovative aspects? |Powerful distribution |Tight budget, |Cashflow, start-up |
|Location and geographical? | | |cash-drain? |
|Price, value, quality? |Strategic location, |Being more competitive in terms of |Continuity, supply chain |
|Accreditations, | |employment, |robustness? |
|qualifications, |Quality product, flexible price, | |Reliability of data, plan |
|certifications? |IIP, Green Globe, |Powerful hospitality market in Southampton,|predictability? |
|Processes, systems, IT, |The Best Employer 2010 | |Morale, commitment, |
|communications? | |Lack of involvement from the team, lack of |leadership? |
|Cultural, attitudinal, |Upgraded in IT systems |communication, |Accreditations, etc? |
|behavioural? | |Low skilled people in terms of use IT |Processes and systems, etc? |
|Philosophy and values? |Multi cultural teams, |systems, |Management cover, succession?|
| | |Managers driven by budget, targets, | |
| |Strong company values |