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Case Study Analysis
Louis Vuitton Headquarters, Paris France

As the person in charge of production it is my job to make sure Louis Vuitton stays true to its name. We need to keep up with production of the everyday items as well as implement a system to produce unique items. We need to do both without slowing one or the other down. This paper is organized with a detailed description of all the major stakeholders. I will present each sides problems and goals. I will establish solutions to the problems presented and then finish up with my recommended solutions.

The Stakeholder’s Problems, Goals, and Concerns The primary stakeholders in this scenario are the following:
Workers need this job to provide their income. The workers need to step up the speed of making the lather goods.
Consumers expect quality products that are not like any other company on the market.
Louis Vuitton brand name and company loyalty.

The Problems As the new person in charge at Louis Vuitton it is my job to make sure quality stays our focus. We here at Louis Vuitton have to make sure we go above and beyond what our competitors do. We can start to run a benchmark of what our competitors do and make sure to exceed that benchmark. We are also faced with the problem of making sure we can keep up with our everyday items whiel still maintaining the ability to make smaller batches of one of a kinds. We also need to find a way to deter counterfeit items. I consider the counterfeit problem to be one of most important areas to focus on. When a consumer buys a counterfeit and it does not perform up to our standards it makes our company look bad especially when the person believes that item to be the real thing. A system needs to put in place to stop all counterfeit items.

Analysis of Alternative Solution

I could offer the employees more training on hand sewing our products. I could also cross train so that way when employees can switch between jobs to avoid boredom. I could also make sure our products do not resemble any on the market and we use the highest quality materials. I think implementing a counterfeit prevention measure is a must. There is always the risk that no matter what kidn of