Swot Pest Analyse of Marriot International Essay

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Marriott International

This research focused on SWOT analysis, Porters 5 forces model and PEST analysis of Marriott .
Marriot International is a leading company with more than 3,700 lodging properties in 73 countries and territories. [Marriott International] Marriott International manages many hotels brands. Marriott Hotels & Resorts are located more than five hundred hotels, two-thirds of them - in the U.S. This is a hotel with a full range of services: they are equipped fitness and business centers, shops and swimming pools. JW, Ritz-Carlton and edition - a brand of luxury hotels. Marriott Executive Apartments provides accommodation businesspeople. Grand Residences manages the resort property. Marriott Vacation
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Now reserve service more convenient and more profitable than a timeshare. Every year coming up with more new ideas and innovations, timeshare is not so popular. Marriott lose money; they are paying to workers who work in timeshare offices. I advise them to coming up with something different to attract customers. For example, discount shares in the summer, autumn and spring holydays.

Issue 3. Lack of low-cost brands. The clothing brands that sales in Marriott oriented only on rich society. They don’t offer service for medium society. [Marriott International] The Marriott network shops mostly consist of expensive brands. Which not available for medium society to purchase. As you know famous and reach persons go to different parties, ceremonies, and of course for those activities they need expensive and branded clothing. And they are buying branded clothes that will fit their image. Rich people are willing to pay for the clothes a lot of money and this is good business for Marriott. But people with less low-income will not be able to buy such goods. Not everyone can buy simple t-shirt approximately for 1000$. I advise to give seasonal discounts. Because fashion changes every year. It will be good for people which want to buy these goods but don’t have enough money. Seasonal discounts I think good idea and good strategy in the sale market to eliminate stagnates of clothing. And I want to add smth about JW Marriot which located in Almaty. If they will offer their goods and