Essay on Swot for Top Glove

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SWOT analysis is a useful tool for understanding and decision-making for all sorts of situations in business and organization. SWOT analysis can be classified into internal and external factors affecting a company. The Strengths and Weaknesses of the SWOT analysis represent the internal factors that influence the viability of the company. While the Opportunities and Threats, on the other hand, are the external factors that may affect the company's performances. A SWOT analysis provides more understanding of the organization in relation to its internal and external environment so that manager can formulate better strategy in pursuit of its mission.
Top Glove Corporation has a largest market share in glove industry. This company
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It is a largest rubber glove manufacturer in the whole world with over RM220 million in its coffers, is looking to buy up neighbouring rivals while building up new factories in Malaysia. The company own and operates 20 factories which 14 of them locate in Malaysia, 4 factories in Thailand and 2 of them in China. Top Glove Corporation has a wide consumer base compare with others. The high demand from the traditional medical markets driven by stringent regulatory standards, aging population and emergence of health threats for instance A (H1N1) influenza, SARS, bird flu and etc will cause the demand of gloves increase rapidly, as the market demand increase, the production of the company cannot load the market demand. The group will continued to further strengthen its position by adding more highly efficient production lines to increase the production capacity and utilization to cope with the increased order. There are 20 factories and 379 production lines in the world to fulfil the demand.

Top Glove Corporation is many competitors: Rubberex, Aduenta, Kossan, and Supermax. These companies have high competition against Top Glove Corporation. So in order to survive in this market then this company have to minimum the price of selling or by improving the product but remain the price of selling. Environmental factor is also one of the main threats to this company. During raining seasons, the production of latex will decrease; this will