Essay about Syllabus: Academic Dishonesty

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Academic Integrity
The following is an excerpt from the official Arizona State University policy on Academic Integrity. This policy may be viewed in its entirety at:
Each student must act with honesty and integrity, and must respect the rights of others in carrying out all academic assignments. A student may be found to have engaged in academic dishonesty if, in connection with any Academic Evaluation or academic or research assignment (including a paid research position), he or she:
A. Engages in any form of academic deceit;
B. Refers to materials or sources or uses devices (e.g., computer disks, audio recorders, camera phones, text messages, crib sheets, calculators, solution manuals, materials from previous classes, or commercial research services) not authorized by the instructor for use during the Academic Evaluation or assignment;
C. Possesses, reviews, buys, sells, obtains, or uses, without appropriate authorization, any materials intended to be used for an Academic Evaluation or assignment in advance of its administration;
D. Acts as a substitute for another person in any Academic Evaluation or assignment;
E. Uses a substitute in any Academic Evaluation or assignment;
F. Depends on the aid of others, including other students or tutors, in connection with any Academic Evaluation or assignment to the extent that the work is not representative of the student's abilities;
G. Provides inappropriate aid to another person in connection with any Academic Evaluation or assignment, including the unauthorized use of camera phones, text messages, photocopies, notes or other means to copy or photograph materials used or intended for Academic Evaluation;
H. Engages in Plagiarism;
I. Uses materials from the Internet or any other source without full and appropriate attribution;