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Central New Mexico Community College
School of CHSS
Offices: MJG and G201

Instructor: Jennifer Nader, Ph.D.
Voicemail 505 224 3636 ext 45365 or 51064
Office Hours: MW 10- 11 am MJG 201 WS;
TR 10- 11 am G 201 Montoya

English 1101 64: College Writing
Welcome to English 1101. English 1101 is a course in text-based essay composition. Your assignments include critical reading, summary and analytical writing, and synthesis. English 1101 is an expository writing course based on close readings designed to provide topics for discussion and writing and to improve students' accurate uses of language. The course emphasizes learning how to organize and support ideas clearly, fully, and interestingly in written form. You can expect to review English grammar, usage, and punctuation in the context of college writing.
The prerequisites for this course are: Credit in Reading 0950 or Accuplacer Reading Skills=80+ and credit in
English 0950, or Accuplacer Sentence Skills=85-109, or ACT=between 16 and 22, or SAT=between 330 and

Instructor Information
Name: Jennifer Nader, Ph.D.
Office: WS campus—MJG 201; Montoya Campus—G 201
Phone: Voicemail 505 224 3636 ext 45637 or 51064
Office Hours: MW 10- 11 am MJG 201 WS;
T TH 10- 11 am G 201 Montoya
**Office hours are also available by appointment

Instructor Communication Policy
1) I will respond to your emails within 24 hours Monday-Thursday, and within 48 hours FridaySunday.
2) Please use Blackboard email-- the Messages tool to email me with questions, concerns, etc. If
Blackboard is down email through outlook
3) I will generally grade your assignments and assessments within three days after the due date for the assignments has ended, and will provide feedback for you. I will grade your paper assignments within a week. You will be able to see your grades all semester long, and can always email me with questions.

Required Texts
The Writer’s Presence, 7th ed.
Hacker, Diana. The Bedford Handbook, 8thed. Boston: Bedford Books, 2009.

Browser Check!
Before you begin the course, you will need to complete a necessary Browser Check. This is to ensure you can properly run the Blackboard Learn management system. To begin, click here on the following to check your browser. Learning Outcomes / Course Objectives
1. Students will analyze and evaluate college level texts in terms of situation, audience, purpose, aesthetics, and diverse points of view.
2. Students will express a primary purpose and organize supporting points logically using rhetorical strategies to engage, inform, and/or persuade.
3. Students will employ composing processes such as planning, collaborating, organizing, revising, and editing to create documents using correct diction, syntax, grammar, and mechanics. 4. Students will correctly and ethically integrate and cite resources to support the primary purpose in college level written work.

Course Requirements and Expectations
Note: If you have not shown regular participation for the first full week of the course you will be dropped for non-attendance by 2/2/14. That means you must complete ALL of week 1’s work by 2/2/14 at 11:59 p.m. NO
Required Reading Throughout this class you will be provided with required reading assignments. You are expected to complete all of the required reading assignments and to integrate what you have read into the online discussions.
Weekly Assignments There are assignments that need to be completed each week. Your points and grade will be dependent on completing the weekly assignments outlined in the weekly agenda. NOTE: THIS COURSE IS NOT SELF-PACED!
Participants are required to submit weekly assignments by the assigned due dates. Students will complete from 5 papers, one of which will be a researched paper. There will be quizzes and tests. It is a CHSS policy that all courses have a final evaluation. A major proposal is the final project.

Deadlines: You should consider the due dates