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Statistics 511 (Sections 003, 009, 008)
Fall 2013

Prof. John Deely.
Office: Math Sciences (MS) 546
Office Hours: see me in the lecture time to make an appointment.
Telephone:494 6039 Email

Course Details:
These three sections will be using a custom 3 hole punch Devore book with Enhanced Webassign Homework Card for the 8th edition.. This package is much cheaper for the students:
Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences ( eighth edition) by Jay Devore (Brooks/Cole 2012) Devore custom edition with Enhanced WebAssign Access Card isbn 9781133807094
If students buy the 3 hole punch book from one of the bookstores it will come with a WebAssign Access Card which has a code they input, so they do not have to buy anything else. If they do not buy the package from the bookstore, they can buy access from the WebAssign directly in their homework account, which would also include an ebook. They just would not have a hard copy.
To get into the roster for the correct Section of Stat 51100 use the link below Students have free access to WebAssign for 14 days so they can do their homework until they decide which way to go.

Lecture Times: Tues, Thur Sec 003 at 10:30 am, Sec009 at 1:30 pm, Sec 008 at 3:00 pm

Class notes: you are strongly advised to take good class notes and to read the text material before coming to class. The text book contains more material than can be covered in this course so pay particular attention to the details in the Syllabus which specifies exactly what part of the text will be covered and when. So it will be helpful if you indicate in your