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MGT 205
Management of Information Systems

Instructor: Essia Hamouda
Office: Anderson Hall 200 D
Phone: (951)
Fax: (951)

Quarter: Fall 2014
Lecture time: 3:40-5:00 or 5:40-700 PM
(depending on your assigned section)
Classroom: ANDHL 118 / ANDHL 105
Course Website:
Office Hours: TR 4:00 – 5:30 PM and by appointment


SoBA Mission Statement
Our mission is to develop diverse leaders, propel research-based innovation and promote the sustainable growth of Inland Southern California within the global economy. We harness the powerful resources of UC and our location at the nexus of commerce to create a laboratory for education, research, and productive partnerships across economic enterprises.
The strategic activities that propel our mission include:
 Conducting basic and applied research in management that explores and informs the creation, development and management of growth;
 Providing degree programs that prepare our students to be effective managers and responsible community leaders with a deep understanding of the dynamics of growth in both a regional and global context;
Partnering with business and community leaders through a shared commitment to exemplary growth; and
Delivering educational programs to executives and the public at large that respond to the needs of our local, state, national, and international communities.
MBA Program - Learning Goals Professional Integrity / Ethical Reasoning Skills
Students will be able to recognize ethical issues, demonstrate familiarity with alternative frameworks for ethical reasoning, and discern trade-offs and implications of employing different ethical frames of reference when making business decisions.
Global Context Skills
Students will be conversant with major economic, social, political, and technological trends and conditions influencing foreign investment and development of the global economy and demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, interpersonal and analytical competencies required

for engaging in global business activities.

Written Communication
Students will demonstrate proficiency in written communications by creating written document that are clearly written, with appropriate content and conclusions.
Technology Skills
Students will be able to integrate and apply the tools and techniques of business, drawing on a broad-based knowledge of the major functions (accounting, economics, finance, information systems, marketing, operations management, and strategy) to solve complex business problems and make sound business decisions.

Course description
Familiarity with basic computer operations and software packages. Examines the operation and management of information systems as applied to the business environment. Topics include hardware, software, databases, decision support, and systems analysis. Software packages are used to integrate information systems concepts and business applications.
Course/Learning objective
This course provides students with an introduction to Information Systems (IS) and Information
Technology (IT) and their use in an increasingly competitive business world. As future managers, you need to be equipped to make decisions concerning the planning, development and implementation of information technology resources to increase organizational effectiveness and create a strategic advantage. The course accomplishes this by:
 Introducing basic concepts of IS and IT and exploring how technology can be used to create business value.
 Examining the potential benefits and limitations of IT and providing an overview of the components of computers.
 Increasing awareness of managerial issues raised by the use of IT
 Providing “hands on” exercises to practice course material
 Providing a foundation needed for subsequent MIS