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Andrea Oropeza
MRKG 2374
Syllabus Quiz 1). What date is the Final Exam?
There is no final exam. The final exam will be the final Case Study assignment due May 13 2015 by 11 P.M.
2) What is the last date for students to drop this course?
Last day to drop 3/24/15
3) What is the policy of the instructor about late work? Can assignments be sent in via email?
Late assignments will not be accepted and no will not be allowed to be turned in via email.
4) What grade(s) might you receive if you stop coming to class and do not drop yourself?
The professor could drop the student if they stop going to class. Or if they have not turned in 2 assignments.
5) How many “W”s is a student allowed under State of Texas Law before he/she must begin to pay out of state tuition?
Students are limited to no more than 6 W throughout their education career in a Texas public school.
6) How many tests are required in this course including the final?
No test but will have assignments to build up for the final project.
7) What is the project that will be required in this course?
Develop a marketing plan for a service, utilizing information from research/ marketing plan information, and then to provide all the parts of the marketing plan.
8) What is the percentage of the grade that weekly assignments will comprise?
Syllabus Quiz/ Assignments/ Participation is 20%
Marketing Plan is 40%
Case Studies is 25%
Final Case Studies is 15%
9) What is the definition of plagiarism?
“Plagiarism means the