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Course Syllabus
MIS6326 0W1 Data Management
Jindal School of Management
The University of Texas at Dallas

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Course Information
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Course Title
Term and Dates

MIS 6326.0W1
Data Management
Spring 2015, January 12, 2015 – May 11, 2015

Professor Contact Information
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Young U. Ryu
SOM 3.426 by appointment

About the Instructor
Young Ryu is Associate Professor of Information Systems. He has been teaching various MIS courses including Database Management Systems. His main research areas are data-mining applications and information security management. His Ph.D. degree in Information Systems was from The University of
Texas at Austin in 1992.
Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions
Competence in personal computing (e.g., operating system/environment, word processing software, electronic spreadsheet, personal database software, network applications such as e-mail and World
Wide Web).
Course Description
The main objective of the course is to understand relational database theories, industry standard SQL, and database design. A conceptual/semantic data modeling with the entity-relationship diagramming technique is also covered.
Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes
Development of Knowledge Foundation

MIS 6326.0W1

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Students will be able to describe relational database concepts and their relevance to information systems development and management.

Application of Knowledge in Information Technology
 Students will be able to design/create a database using the entity relationship modeling technique.  Students will be able to manipulate a database using the SQL language.
Application of Knowledge in Business Practice
 Students will be able to create various data queries relevant to functional areas.
Required Textbooks and Materials
Required Texts

Michael V. Mannino. Database Design, Application Development, and
Administration (6th Edition).Chicago Business Press (Distributed by
Ingram Book Company), 2015. (ISBN: 978-0-9833324-2-8).

Textbooks and some other bookstore materials can be ordered online through
Off-Campus Books or the UTD Bookstore. They are also available in stock at both bookstores. Course Policies
Makeup Exams
The final exam must be taken during the specified period. No makeup final will be given, except for documented/verified emergencies (e.g., medical).
Extra Credit
Under no circumstance, an extra project or assignment or any sort will be given to "boost" individual students’ grades. Absolutely no exception!
Late Work
For each assignment, there will be primary due date and secondary due date posted. Assignments turned in by the primary due date will be accepted without any penalty; assignments turned in by the secondary due date (which is 1 day after the posted primary due date) will be subject to 15% penalty.
No assignments will be accepted after the secondary due date.
Class Participation
Students are required to login regularly to the online class site. The instructor will use the tracking feature in eLearning to monitor student activity.

MIS 6326.0W1

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Virtual Classroom Citizenship
The same guidelines that apply to traditional classes should be observed in the virtual classroom environment. Please use proper netiquette when interacting with class members and the professor.
Policy on Server Unavailability or Other Technical Difficulties
The university is committed to providing a reliable online course system to all users. However, in the event of any unexpected server outage or any unusual technical difficulty which prevents students from completing a time sensitive assessment activity, the instructor will extend the time windows and provide an appropriate accommodation