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1. COURSE OBJECTIVE The aim of this course is to introduce you to the exciting and rewarding field of logistics. It will give you an understanding of the fundamental principles of logistics, and its role in organizations and the economy. During the last quarter of the twentieth century, logistics increased in importance from a business function that was perceived as a “necessary evil” to: (1) a business activity where significant cost savings could be generated; (2) a business activity that has enormous potential to impact customer satisfaction and hence increase sales; and (3) a strategic marketing weapon that can be effectively utilized to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Logistics is “big business,” and its impact on the world’s standard of living has been dramatic. This course approaches the topic from a managerial, applied perspective, and provides students with a basic understanding of supply chain management principles. 2. PRESCRIBED TEXTBOOK Bowersox, Donald J., Closs, David J., Cooper M. Bixby, and Bowersox, John C., (2013), “Supply Chain Logistics Management,” Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, Burr Ridge, IL. 3. COURSE FORMAT The course will consist of four integrated components. The first will consist of lectures and class discussions on key logistics and supply chain topics. The second will be five in-class quizzes, which will be on the material covered during the weeks preceding each quiz. The third component will be in-class case study presentations. The fourth component will consist of two mid term exams, and one final exam. NOTE: The quizzes will be administered using Turning Technologies response cards (aka “clickers”), details of which will be posted on my web site. These devices are obtainable either at the book store on campus, or directly from Turning Technologies’ web site. Please obtain one as soon as possible, since we will probably have the first quiz in week three of the class! In addition to the “clickers,” owners of “smart ‘phones”
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such as the Apple iPhone, and the Blackberry may also use these devices to respond to the in-class quizzes. Owners of these devices will be required to download the necessary software from the Turning Technologies web site, and pay a small fee for the use of these devices in place of “clickers.” A schedule showing the dates of the five quizzes as well as the material to be covered in each quiz will be posted on my web site. NOTE: The quizzes are “open book.” Since the main purpose of each quiz is to provide for review of the previously covered course material, they are administered inclass only! This means that absolutely under no circumstances can a “missed” quiz be made up later! This also applies to students who may have “forgotten” to bring their response cards to class on the day of a quiz. 4. ASSIGNMENTS The work schedule that follows details the topics to be discussed in the week indicated, the essential reading assignment, and the case to be presented at each meeting. You are expected to have read the chapter(s) of the textbook prescribed, and analyzed the case study PRIOR to each meeting. You are therefore urged to keep up with the reading, since there is a lot of material to be covered in a limited amount of time. 5. WORK SCHEDULE Date Discussion Topic Aug 27 21st Century Supply Chains Sep 3 LABOR DAY — CAMPUS CLOSED Sep 5 The Role of Logistics in Supply Chains Sep 10 Customer Relationship Management Sep 17 Procurement Sep 24 Manufacturing Oct 1 FIRST MID TERM EXAM/ Operations Planning Oct 8 Inventory Management Oct 15 Transportation Oct 22 Warehousing Oct 29 Packaging and Materials Handling Nov 5 SECOND MID TERM EXAM/ Global Supply Chains Nov 12 Network Design Nov 19 Operations Analysis Nov 26 Collaboration Dec 3 Performance Management
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Reading(s) Ch. 1 — Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7