Syllabus: Writing and Formal Writing Assessment Essay

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Freshman Composition I ENC 1101 ­­ Fall 2013
Wednesday/ Friday 9:25am­10:40am
Tuesday/ Thursday 1:00pm­2:15pm

Professor K. Mallo

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Required Textbook: The Little, Brown Handbook, 12th Edition
Course Description
This course offers students opportunities to increase skills with diction, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics while it emphasizes the development of the multi‑paragraph essay, including the principles of selection, restriction, organization, and development of topics according to various modes. While reviewing the fundamentals of the English grammar, this course seeks to secure a steady but progressive development of basic writing and comprehension skills with repeated exercise on short topical and essay writings. The purpose of this course is to give the student the capacity to write essays and short topical articles with a sufficient command of the English grammar and cohesiveness.
Attendance Policy
Students are permitted THREE absences during the semester. For each absence beyond THREE, students’ final grades will be penalized ONE LETTER GRADE. For example, if you earn an A, but you have 5 absences, then your final grade would be a C. The only exceptions to this rule will be made according to properly documented medical emergencies or official College business.
Grading Policy
Formal Writing Assessments (4)
**These may be resubmitted once each to improve any grade lower than an A.**
Mid­Term Exam with Writing Assessment (1)
Final Exam with Writing Assessment (1)



Letter Grades are assigned as follows:
90­100 = A
70­79 = C
59 or lower = F
80­89 = B
60­69 = D
Course Schedule
*** Students should make every possible effort to read the assigned chapters and complete the chapter activities and exercises PRIOR to class meetings.
*** Assignments are subject to change at Professor Mallo’s