Sylvia Plath - the Morning Song Analysis Essay

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The morning song
‘Morning song’ by Sylvia Plath describes the birth, early stages of childhood and the sentimental value of a child in a very unique way. This poem was wrote from Sylvia Plath’s own experience of child birth, it can also be related to by parents, it could be thought it is aimed mainly at females as this poem is quite feminine. This eighteen line lyrics is structured in 3 line stanzas which are called tersest. It is a tender poem and the overall tone of it is quite mellow.
The opening line of the poem ‘love set you going like a fat gold watch,’ this literally means the physical act of making love, and that the act had created the child. The adjective ‘gold’ could signify that her child is precious and very high in value,
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‘The window square whitens and swallows it’s dulls stars,’ she is referring to the time of day here, it is now morning and this links with the title of the song ‘Morning Song.’ The baby starts to babble a ‘handful of notes; the clear vowels rise like balloons,’ a baby’s first sounds are usually vowels (AEIOU), they make sounds like ‘ah’ and ‘ee.’
The poem does not have a regular rhyme scheme but she uses enjambment with the exception of when she does occasionally use a full stop, this is done to show a grammatical statement. She uses words to create a picture of the day, from the moment her child was born to the first morning. Plath uses words to symbolise the morning after, she also uses the colour pink to symbolise love and beauty. Furthermore the use of ‘pink roses’ symbolises happiness and gracefulness.
In conclusion, I think that the poem is quite an uncommon feminine theme, the way she expressed her day in so much detail and the modern language in the poem is not to complicated and this makes it easier to understand how she if