Sylvias Contribuition to Literature Essay

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A Writer and Poet, All In One
Sylvia Plath is renowned as one of the most powerful American poets of the postwar period with her famous literature that is expressed with pure honesty as in frustration, quiet despair. She exhibits the connection of anxiety with the psychological meltdown of Esther in The Bell Jar. In several poems, Sylvia uses examples from the holocaust; Nazis and Jews alike with historical and mythic allusions to give depth and immediacy to her psychic distress. Sylvia contributed not only literature instead she gave chunks of herself to the world through her literature. Through her novel as she becomes honest about Esther going through some similar events as Sylvia has, and through her poetry where she uses contradicting ideas to bring a sense of strong femininity in the end.
Sylvia is unique in her literature in that she uses internal metaphors, lyrical rhythms, and tonal complexity painstakingly formulated to exaggerate the terrifying experience of raw, human fears and desires in her poems. Using this method she crosses images and notions toward her readers that are hauntingly beautiful. With synthesis of a brutal self-revelation and macabre associations she depicts images of isolation such as in Ariel and in Tulips. In both of these poems the colors red and white life, death, rebirth, and ultimately blood.
Within her only book, The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath's protagonist, Esther, is disappointed in her own social and sexual experiences which have