Symbolism: Denotation and Formal Writing Conventions Essays

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For this activity, you will need to log into your school provided google docs account
) and share your efforts with me. If you need help doing this, please let me know. You will need to share this activity from your school account or I will not be able to see your efforts. Please note that are formal writing conventions apply. Please use appropriate capital letters and punctuation. Do not use texting language in your writing. For this assignment, locate one picture online (school appropriate) and then identify at least five denotations and five connotations for the picture. I want you to write at least two paragraphs, but no more than three, that summarizes your picture and details the symbolism within the picture. Example:

1) White room
2) Black clothing
3) Gas Masks
4) Spikes
5) Touching

1) White room­ This could represent purity/safety/clean
2) Black clothing­ This could represent unclean/impure/unsafe
3) Gas Masks­ These protect you from toxic and harmful gases, so it could represent that there is something harmful or toxic in their lives they are trying to protect themselves from.
4) Spikes­ Spikes are sharp, pointy, have a negative feel to them. Sometimes they are related to death. I think that they could represent something that causes harm (duh) but not in the literal sense. It could be something within them that causes the harm. This harm could be done to…