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Animal Farm
Symbolism Essay
This essay is a product of the Novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. The main purpose of the composition was to better provide imagery of what really happened during the Russian revolution. I believe that one of/if not the most influential symbol recognised by the reader was the connection between Stalins communist supporters of Russia and Boxer. It was the spark that portrayed Stalin’s unforgiving mindset and steepened the gradient of disapproval towards Napoleon. In the following paragraphs, the symbol will be broken down and pieced together as best I see possible.
Stalin was notorious for announcing his future actions to Russia with good intent, but simultaneously whispering evil to his colleagues behind the curtain. This is brutally impressed on the reader in chapter 9 of Animal Farm —the scene of
Boxer’s removal—. Napoleon proposes that as “One of the most loyal workers on the farm” boxer shall be rewarded with the luxury of medical treatment outside of the farm. Little do the animals know that Napoleon and Squealer are secretly negotiating plans of selling the now fruitless horse to a knacker.
As the reader progresses through the next few chapters, only then do they begin to piece together what has occurred. It becomes clear that boxers death is a byproduct of Napoleon’s extreme prioritisation of strategy, his willingness to work the animals until they collapse of exhaustion. During the Russian revolution, thousands of long-due-retired soldiers and workers were never officially pensioned due to the countries economic…