Symbolism In Alyosha The Potent

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Symbolism in Alyosha the pot
Symbolism predominantly plays out in the short story with the writer using various situations and descriptions to give the text a deeper and wider significance other than its literal meaning. The writer refers to various religious ceremonies such as Shrovedite which is some few days before Lent - a 40 day period before Easter Sunday (Richert) and also intentionally mentions that “Alyosha lay in bed for two days, and on the third day they sent for the priest” (Tolstoy) which is symbolic to the death of Jesus Christ where He died for two days and rose on the third (NIV, John 19-20). However, in Alyosha’s case, he died on the third day instead of resurrecting like Christ. The correlation of Alyosha’s three last days