Symbolism In Everyday Use

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Many families their heritage is essential. A single small object can mean the world to them. This is where symbolism begins. What does symbolism signify? Symbolism is the meaning or feelings you have towards an object or even a place. For example for many families their antiques from past ancestor mean a lot to them. Many simple things you might see as nothing can mean a lot to them. Even your own family might have objects that are symbolic.

In Alice Walker 1973 short story “Everyday Use” portrays how Dee(Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo) has no clue what simple objects to her mean a lot to mama Johnson and Maggie.Mama Johnson and Maggie wait for Dee to return to her home but they never expected that Dee had changed in many different aspects.Dee wants to take everything to her home and put them as a display when mrs.Johnson and Maggie need it and cherish
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According to David White “Although she has renounced her american name and culture. She still holds tight to american consumer culture. In “Everyday Use” Walker states “ Wangero, though went oh through the chitlins and cornbread, the greens and everything else.” Even though Dee (Wangero) said she was for a different heritage that they are not allowed to do and eat certain foods. Dee went off and ate everything even food that “her new heritage” did not allow.

In the other hand Maggie symbolizes true African-American heritage. In an article titled,“Characterization and Symbolism in Alice Walker’s ‘Everyday Use.’ Velazquez declares “ home in her tradition she honors the memory of her ancestors; for example she is the daughter in the family who learned how to quilt.” It was grandma Dee and big Dee who taught her how to quilt. She took the time to learn something of her heritage that has been carried for generations. She did not ignore the value everything mama Johnson and her had. She might not have a lot of things, but she learned how to value everything she