Symbolism In My Antonia

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“My Antonia” written by Willa Cather, is a story through the eyes of Jim burden, about his, and his neighbor Antonia’s life growing up in Nebraska. Further, the interrupter Otto Fuchs bought Jim a pony to help run errands. Antonia, was not frightened of snakes and revel in staying in the garden. Moreover, Jim slaughtered a rabbit and made a cap out of the fur. All in all, connecting to the stuff about what they doing in life is quiet stress-free.
Further, the interrupter Otto Fuchs approve of a pony for Jim to aid running errands. Receiving a pony as a child is quite the experience. When I was about eight or nine, purchasing a pony was a vision of mine. Without a doubt, it was a dream come true when I finally bought a pony; Indy. Jim usage of the pony is for work and to help run errands. On the other hand, Indy was just for fun, he was quiet the pony though. Evidently, Jim’s pony was a “perfect gentleman”; having no filthy tricks. Indy, no questions asked is probably ten times superior.
Antonia, was not afraid of snakes and enjoyed hang around in the garden. Snakes are a downright burden. Being pursued by a serpent it the most awful experience, just the way they move is spine-chilling. I do not comprehend how Antonia does not mind being around them. On the other hand, I can see why she likes
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Making a rabbit fur hat takes, legerdemain hands, and is a meticulous, and outstanding job, especially if the cap it personally made by yourself. I wanted to make a cap out of coon fur, but that at no time happened. One time I tried to make a deer hid coat, when it was just about finished the fur was eating up by the dogs. Further, trapping is something that my father loved to do so, following in his footsteps was easy. The most luxurious animal that you can catch around here is the ruthless, bobcat, because there is only a finite amount. Notwithstanding, it would be a pleasure to make an ostentatious, bobcat