Symbolism In Of Mice And Men

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In the novel, “Of Mice and Men”, there are many objects of symbolism. Throughout the book, there is symbolism through people, animals and objects. These symbols create a deeper meaning, and a better understanding to the themes present in the novel. The mice, rabbits, dogs, Curley’s wife, and even George and Lennie’s dream farm represent symbolism for the duration of the book. The literary critic, A Teachable Good Book: Of Mice and Men, argues that “the characters, too, are simple yet significant.” Almost every “clear and sharp crafted” character in the novel can represent symbolism in their own way. Crooks, the stable hand who works with the ranch horses, represents discrimination. He lives by himself, away from everyone else, and is the only african american man on the ranch. "’An' Crooks been here a long time. This's the first time I ever been in his room.’
Crooks said darkly, ‘Guys don't come into a colored man's room very much.’" (4.76-77) He symbolizes the people who get discriminated because of their race. Candy is
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The rabbits symbolize the strong defeating the weak. “Lennie is a giant” with abnormal strength. However, he is unaware of how strong he really is. He “unintentionally sometimes kills small creatures” because of this. It is hard for him to control his own strength, whether it is with the puppy or fighting Curley. In the beginning, Lennie is in love with, and has a small obsession with mice. This is introduced in the “first scene by the dead mouse which Lennie is carrying in his pocket.” When his aunt would give one to Lennie, they wouldn’t survive very long. After a couple of days, he would end up killing them because he is too rough and can’t control it. The puppy is also a symbol of the weak in the hands of the strong. The pup depends on Lennie, as Lennie depends on George. Once again, Lennie puts too much control over the powerless animal, and kills him