Symbolism In The Book Thief

Words: 473
Pages: 2

The symbols and objects I chose were chosen because of their symbolism for happiness and comfort. Han’s accordion was a symbol of comfort and family throughout the story and was a major memory for Liesel. The bread was chosen for it’s ability to bring joy despite it being a luxury we take for granted. An example of this is when Rudy and Liesel lay bread in the street for the marching jews. Though Rudy and Liesel were chased down, they brought hope to those who found and ate the bread. Max was given hope and a small moment of exhilaration once he looked outside the window and at the stars. Liesel was able to write her words and her book with ink. She loved writing as it gave her joy and freedom. The Whistler is one of the books Liesel stole from the mayor’s wife. Not only did it bring her content and enjoyment- she also used it to calm down and distract everyone in the bomb shelter during an air raid. …show more content…
The reason I chose Liesel was because she was constantly a beacon of optimism for the other characters in the book such as Max and Rudy. Liesel found happiness throughout the story through books and her words while also spreading happiness around her. She gave others the chance to better themselves and move on from tragedies such as befriending the mayor’s