Symbolism In The Butter Battle Book

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Dr. Seuss, the author of The Butter Battle Book, uses author's craft in children’s books, and gives them a higher meaning. The Butter Battle Book is about how the Zooks and Yooks are at war because of which side that they butter their bread. They kept one-upping the other side. The author Dr.Seuss, who wrote The Butter Battle Book, was the author who best used writing craft to convey meaning because he made it almost comical by using a children’s book to explain the cold war. Dr. Seuss used effective craft, such as rhyming, vocabulary, and symbolism. Dr. Seuss rhymes throughout his book in order to make the book more relatable. He used this specific type of author’s craft effectively throughout the book. Seuss writes, “In every Zook house, …show more content…
Seuss uses symbolism so that the reader interprets the intended deeper meaning of his book. Seuss writes, “In those days, of course, the wall wasn’t so high and I could look any Zook square in the eye, if he dared come close I could give him a twitch with my tough-rufted prickly snick-berry switch” (Suess 9). This symbolises how the Americans and Soviets knew of each other's presences but never acted on the fact that they knew the opposing side was near. In the quote above he used the word “could” which means that it was possible that he may use his weapon against the Zooks but didn’t. Which is exactly what the Americans and Soviets did to one another. Seuss additionally wrote, “They’ve invented the bitsy big-boy boomeroo” (22). This represents the weapons that the Americans and the Soviets were both afraid of. Neither party wanted the opposing force to drop the nuclear bombs that they both had created. In the story this is also the case because even the chiefs were afraid of the device that they created knowing it destructive powers. Finally he wrote, “The Chief Yookeroo had sent them to meet me” (Seuss 17). This last quote shows how the Chief Yookeroo represents the President of the United States, because the chief was in charge of his people and the Military which is represented by