Symbolism In The Member Of The Wedding

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Adolescence in The Member of the Wedding
The novel The Member of the Wedding reflects on the difficult childhood of a isolated young girl to a juvenile adolescence. This novel is enriched with symbolism, conflict and characterization which introduces an open eye into the journey of maturity.

Firstly, in the novel The member of the Wedding by Carson Mccullers, symbolism is grandly incorporated. Frankie is a twelve year old child who is stuck in her childhood, as a child it is obvious that happiness is part of this stage in life but not in her case. A symbolic content in the novel are the colors and season of Summer time. Summer is the time of year in which joyful and fun times are spent with friends and family but not Frankie. Everyone seems to be part of something which makes Frankie feel distant towards everything. She has no one but her six year old cousin John Henry and her cook Berenice to spend summer with making her loath this season. As stated, “The color green comes to represent Frankie's experience of this awkward and uncomfortable summer; and she sees green everywhere. Green represents her dissatisfaction and her feelings of being stuck” (Bussey). Secondly, as the time driftly passes Frankie known as F Jasmine Addams now,
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Suicide is the number one choice that she is contemplating but the only thought in her mind at the moment is the red haired soldier she met at Blue Moon, she scurries to the bar in which she is found by the police and reported to her father. “She was back to the fear of the summertime, the old feelings that the world was separate from herself and the failed wedding had quickened the fear to terror” (148). F Jasmine's intents aborts once more and she must obtain to her