Symbolism Of Confederate And Slavery

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The Symbolism of Confederacy and Slavery
While many monuments from the Confederacy are being taken down from public areas across the U.S., white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and even the country’s president continue to argue on the attack on their status as American citizens and history. It is quite unfortunate that the emergence of white supremacy and neo-Nazis happened during the time when the country had its first African-American president.
During the era of slavery, white men prevailed. The Southern cities long become a sign of segregated history. Although most of the Southerners did not enslave black people, they also did not help advocate the termination of slavery. In fact, they did not do anything to stop the worst practices during that period like selling children and separating families from each other.
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These people did not enslave black people simply because they could not afford to buy them.
The current debate and battle over the Confederate monuments is not just about the past. It also serves as a present day reminder of white supremacy. Most of the monuments were installed years after Robert E. Lee surrendered. These statues were established to promote white supremacy, especially during the time where the black community were starting to gain political influence, particularly during the Civil Rights and the Reconstruction