Symbolism Of Winston's Ulcer In 1984

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In the novel 1984, there is many symbols throughout the novel. Winston Smith has a varicose ulcer and this is a very big symbol in the novel. The ulcer bothers Winston when he’s stressed or upset but when he’s in a happy place, it doesn’t bother him. When Winston is with Julia ,the ulcer doesn’t bother him, but in the end, the ulcer is__. This ulcer symbolizes his complex life. The apartment that Winston shares with Julia is a symbol. The apartment is Winston’s happy place. These symbols intertwine with each other throughout the novel. In the beginning of 1984, Winston Smith has a large varicose ulcer. The ulcer represents Winston’s life. At the time, Winston, was unhappy with his life. Winston didn’t have anything to make his life bearable. The ulcer made life difficult for Winston. The ulcer made walking a struggle for Winston and caused him pain. Winston has a constant urge to itch the ulcer in the beginning of the novel. Winston could not walk up then stairs to his flat without his ulcer hurting. …show more content…
Julia gave Winston a new found happiness. During the time Winston met Julia he wasn't so unhappy. When Julia and Winston rented the room from Mr.Charrington, it became Winston’s happy place. The apartment become Winston’s special place with Julia. The apartment allows Winston to feel at peace for once in his life. There isn’t any teleascreens which allows Winston to relax. time that Winston spent in the room with Julia, his ulcer did not bother him. It did not cause him any physical discomfort. The ulcer represents Winston’s feelings and what is happening in his