Symbols: Odom Scarlet Letter Essay

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Kinard Henson
Dr. Odom
Scarlet Letter Symbols

The Scarlett Letter is a novel filled with much symbolism. From more obvious symbols, such as the actual Scarlet Letter, to less obvious symbols, such as Pearl, the daughter of the antagonist Hester. Other symbols have clear meaning to some and very vague meaning to others, such as the meteor shaping an “A” in the sky. There are many symbols in this novel, but the focus will be turned toward these three specific symbols. The actual Scarlet letter has nearly a double meaning in this novel. In the beginning, it simply represents Hester’s punishment as an adulterer. The Letter is given to her and forced upon her clothing in order for her to be use her as an example for the remainder of the townspeople. The letter represents sin, downfall, and disgrace amongst the Puritans, but these representations of the Scarlet letter are only what it symbolizes in the physical form. As the book progresses, the letter becomes more of a symbol of hope, of strong rebellion, and of undying love for those that one’s soul requires the company of. The letter is looked upon by Pearl as the highest and most positive symbol that is to be praised and worn as a symbol of glory. The letter is the most prominent symbol, but it seems as if Pearl is the most important.
Pearl is used in the book to describe every inner feeling that Hester has. Pearl is Hester’s rebellious spirit, the wild, untamed nature of all people that lies dormant beneath our skin. This