Syntax: Advertising and Jergens Shea Butter Essay

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1. The main image of this movie ad consists of her.
She is the main image of this movie ad.
2. An analysis of a print advertisement attempting to get people to eat more vegetables was created by filling what appears to be a McDonalds French fry box full of vegetables and written on the box is “Fresh and Tasty” which emphasizes that vegetables are good too.
A print advertisement was used to get people to see how important and good vegetables were by filling a fry box full of vegetables, by using the word “Fresh and Tasty” this reinforces this idea to the people.
3. All advertisements have some sort of pull factors that get the perspective consumers really intrigued into buying the company’s product.
All companies use pull factors in their advertisements to get potential consumers interested in a company’s product.
4. In today’s society, the world tells women they must have a perfect appearance from the way they look to the way they dress, and these advertisements plant that idea firmly into the minds of the consumers.
Today’s society implements women into thinking that they have to have a perfect appearance by the way they look and the way they dress. Advertisements in the fashion world really grows off this idea.
5. This gives you the sense to look good so you feel like you need the product to look good like they do.
This ad persuades the consumers into thinking that by having this product you will look good like them.
6. His [Fowles’] organizations of these emotional appeals are used to order each ad into their specified group of consumers.
Fowles’ emotional appeals organizes the ad into their detailed groups of consumers.
7. This is a need for attention. Celebrities can sell and also change option versus a regular “pretty model” in an ad.
The idea of need for the attention can be