Synthesis Essay On Cyberbullying In Schools

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In a survey on Teachers getting bullied, 44.2% of the cyberbullies were students. (Document B). That statement explains the struggles schools have with cyberbullying. Furthermore, cyberbullying has been happening for a very long time. Although, the way of bullying has changed through the years. Bullying used to be face to face, now it’s with the click of a button, a life could be taken away. “A negative mind will never give you a positive life” (Anonymous). If kids keep up with their wicked minds, the victims will never get to live a positive life. Cyberbullying is very dreadful and horrid, and schools need to be aware of the severe consequences of what cyberbullying can do to a child. Furthermore, schools should be allowed to limit students’ …show more content…
v. Blue Mountain School District court's ruling indicates that due to the Tinker v. Des Moines School District ruling, if student speech does not create a substantial disruption, or pose a threat, then that speech may not be limited” (Document D). Everyone in America has the right to speak their mind, and to have a voice. This voice, however is sometimes taken away; therefore, that is violating our First Amendment rights. Schools should be allowed to limit students’ online speech. Cyberbullying can get very intense, it sometimes can lead to suicide. If schools aren't allowed to control what students say online, innocent lives are going to be taken away. The victims of cyberbullying will not want to attend school because it is not a safe environment. Cyberbullying is not permitted and in order to abolish it, schools need the power to limit it. Cyberbullying is cruel and obnoxious. It is not okay when a student or a teacher does not perform to their best ability because of a harsh comment online. In conclusion, cyberbullying causes disruptions, can lead to a civil rights violation, and affects many people. We don’t want lives being taken away, or people feeling upset, so schools need to limit students’ online