Synthesis Essay On Women Harassment

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Moreover, women are afraid to report harassment. This is because society has normalized harassment, people don’t see it as a big deal. It prevents men from taking the blame because the woman is seen at fault. The University of York writes, “People may be afraid of reprisals if they report harassment, victimisation and bullying, or they may be concerned about their future employment/job prospects.” In many schools, harassment can start as bullying and as the kids grow older the girls start to experience harassment, but at this point it is normal so they don’t try to stop it. Here the vicious cycle can be seen again and the theory that educating men at an early age about treating women should be heavily implemented. The University of York brings …show more content…
Men are not solely to blame harassment though. Society as a whole dictates what is acceptable for people to think and do. An excellent example is Donald Trump. His whole presidential campaign revolved around attacking minorities and women. He belittled women, in fact, a video of him saying disgusting things about what he could do to women because he is rich and famous surfaced. Millions of people in the US and the world were able to see and hear him speak. However, on November 9 he was elected president. Giving a man who looks down on women more power shows the amount of consideration women have in society. Millions of people in the US agreed with his views and this speaks loudly about the US community. Now that young boys and older men have seen that people don’t care too much about what a woman faces through harassment, it’s like a green light for them to do the same. There can’t be any real consequences when a man who will be president is able to talk about women so crudely. Elementary school boys will grow up with the example Donald Trump sets. Trump is a bully with power and people accept that. An article titled “Effects of Harassment” states, “In the longer term, the bully’s aggression may become accepted as his/her normal way of relating to people.” In four years time, who knows how society will treat women. Men and women will accept Trump’s way of addressing women and harassment rates will go down because