Synthesis Essay: The Underground Railroad And The Civil War

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Particularly, Harriet Tubman struggled with finding a job since she was little she was a very difficult person who did not like to listen that well. When she was little she was sent to work in the looms and they said she was too slow to work there. Harriet would get bored and did not want to help much she wanted to be outside. She refused to acquire how to weave and breathing in all the cotton fibers in the air bothered her eyes and nose. As a result, they sent her to check traps in the river at a young age; the river was frigid and had a strong current. She almost ended up dying because of measles along with her getting bronchitis from wading in the cold water. After that accident the master sent her to be a house nurse for her his wife and was left to take …show more content…
“The Underground Railroad is considered by many to be the first great freedom movement in the Americas and the first time that people of different races and faiths worked together in harmony for freedom and justice” (Walls 1). The Underground Railroad helped with the abolishment of slavery and helped show our country how damaging slavery was. In spite of, the many years of slavery Americans have learned how wrong slavery was and how every country has its dark times. In summery, even though our country was split there was still a lot of unity going on within both North and South. The war was suppose to end when the 13th Amendment that was passed by Congress in 1865 but the war continued for a few more months. The Confederate slaves did not want to relinquish up until they realized the strength of the Union was far too strong. Slavery will forever be a scar in American history and there may be few positive things that came out of it. In the end, it grew our country into the nation it is today by allowing justice to prevail and set our Constitution strait once and for