Syria: Bashar Al-assad and Syrian Security Forces Essay

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Crisis in Syria

Mr. President, my job as foreign policy aide in the White House is to inform you on alerting indications in other countries. As of now, I’m sure you know about conflicts in Syria, but I am also sure you don’t know the full extent of this crisis. As this story unfolded in the media it’s almost as if it left America half and half on what they think we (America) should do. Syria, a Middle Eastern country is in a full civil war that is affecting millions of people, I’ll get into that later. It all started in 2011 when rebels peacefully protested against their President Bashar - Al Assads government. Syrian security forces opened fire at one demonstration, killing at least four protesters. Syrian activists say that those four causalities were of first of Syrians civil war. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad refused to halt attacks and implement the meaningful reforms demanded by protestors. Accounts emerged from witnesses, victims, the media, and civil society that government forces had subjected civilians to arbitrary torture, and the deployment and use of heavy artillery. The Syrian people were also subject to the Shabiah, heavily armed state-sponsored military fighting alongside security forces. Assad consistently denied responsibility for these crimes. As Syria rose to the brink of its Civil war, things became much worse. Chemical weapons have been used on civilians and bombs were dropped all over Syria issued by Assad on attack of his people with no sign of stopping. An estimated 100,000 casualties have happened including women and an est. 10,000 children. An overall 8.8 million people have been affected by Assad attacks, causing 2 million refugees to leave Syria including 1 million children and an estimated 4,400 leaving each day. This is why as I mentioned in the beginning that Americans are divided on this topic. Is the