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Name: ____Zaiasia Jones_____________________ Period: _____1A____ Teacher’s Initials: RG___
Books I’ve Completed Form
Directions: Great job! Make sure you fill in ALL fill-in-the-blanks and ALL boxes to receive credit!
Book Information (Please fill-in the information neatly and use complete sentences where necessary).
Title: Welcome to the Ark
Author: Stephanie S. Tolan
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Number of pages: 250 (125 pages = 1 book)
Purpose: A friend that shares the same interest in me a year ago recommended the book. I haven’t had a chance to read the book so I then determined that now was good time to read it.

Predict: I predicted that the kids were going to stumble upon each other by themselves and somehow they begin to start living together. I also predicted that they would have supernatural qualities to stop crime using thier minds.

Activate and Connect: Think of one thing you already knew about a topic in your book. Then connect it to something you learned in the text about that topic.
What I Already Knew
What I Learned
I already knew that the children were extremely gifted and they all had gifts. I also knew that each of these kids were deeply concerned about the worlds violence.
I learned that these kids could connect to nature and stop people from committing an act of violence. I also learned that these kids were even smarter when they were together and only really trusted each other.

Ask Questions: One question that I had was were the kids going to go out and stop more acts of violence. Also were the kids going to stand up to their parents or guardians and tell them what’s happening to them.

Monitor Comprehension: Pick a paragraph from the text you found especially interesting. Then finish the following sentences below. Page # where paragraph is located: 70
I wonder…
This reminds me of…
I think…
If Miranda ever learned what the melody of the song was. I also wondered if she had a dream about the flute. Also if Miranda was able to connect her one night of peaceful sleep to the flute playing.

This reminds me of whenever I hear peaceful music that relaxes me. Miranda describing how the flute made her feel reminded me of how music makes me feel.

I think that the Flute playing was symbolizing how great and intelligent Doug really was. Doug was not only good with electronics but with creative things to so I think it shows how he was good at mostly everything.

Infer Meaning: Choose a different paragraph from the text where you had to infer meaning. This could be meaning about a character, the main idea of the section, or even the main idea of the entire book. Then explain how you inferred what the author meant by combining what the text said and your background knowledge. Page # where paragraph is located: 71
Paraphrase what the text said
Background Knowledge
I think…
The text was of a young girls poetry that was very deep and intelligent. The poem was about nature and violence all combined.

My background knowledge told me that nature and violence does have something to do with each other even though