Syria: Lebanon and Syrian Refugees Essay

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After reading about the multiple countries currently hosting Syrian refugees, it is clear that although neighboring countries have been doing their best to help, there are simply not enough resources for those in need and host countries are struggling. The United Nations estimates that there are over two million Syrian refugees currently hosted in neighboring countries, and the number is growing. This also does not account for the large number of refugees that have entered surrounding countries illegally, or have simply not registered with the UN upon leaving Syria. This growing number of refugees is causing a strain on host countries. For example, currently Lebanon is hosting a number of refugee’s equivalent to seventeen percent of the country’s population. Resources are starting to run low, and in Serbia, it has caused a water shortage. Despite these problems, the conditions are still considered better than the over four million refugees still in Syria. Some of these refugees are unable to leave Syria, while others simply cannot stand the idea of living in a refugee camp, where you are unable to leave the compound, work, or even bring education to your children. These camps are often described as ‘prison like’ and to some, seem like worse alternatives than faring on their own. For those unable to leave Syria, the camps located inside the city are in worse condition than those in neighboring countries. In addition to lack of food, water, and medicine, the fear of death