Should America Be Concerned About Syria?

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Should America be concerned about Syria? The Middle East is something that Americans hear about almost every day on the news and in the newspapers. I can’t help but wonder if most people even know the chemistry that makes up the Middle East. With so many different levels of the Muslim religion it self in one place who’s right and who’s wrong. The one place I’m interested in is Syria and how involved should America get in the present crisis. After all do we know who we are helping are they just people who have had it with the way the government of Syria runs the country or are they extremist that would be even more hostel to the people of Syria. As I look in to this more and more I wonder myself if I’ll even find the correct answer. I thing that the Middle East and America’s interest there should be protected, as far as the religious barriers in the Middle East this is something that we as a country will never be abele to over come. I feel that we should stand back and not get our self’s in to a war that we cannot win. It’s almost as if the crusades will start all over again putting America right in the middle of it all. This is not something we need to be responsible for. Russia has intervened since I have started my research on this issue. Russia has always had a good political position with the Syrian government. I think that America is doing the right thing by letting Russia handle this with the oversight for the U.N. So where to start on such a complicated issue as this, I wonder if this is even something that I would even try to do as an essay. Most of the information that I have found is on the Internet. One that I feel is most trustworthy is the BBC they seem to have a very neutral reporting outlook on the news. This is one of the many sources I will use in the research project. I have looked at NBC NEWS and found them to be more liberal in there reporting. So looking for the truth on the issue is not easy. Most if not all the sources seem to have a political view. For example there is a strong degree of advocacy in the NBC NEWS source. This is why I question this source. 1) Did a chemical attack actually happen in Syria? 2) Who is responsible for the chemical attack in Syria? The first source that I came across on the Internet, this was a peace that was on the chemical attack in East Ghouta. A good place to start, I retrieved it on 9/16/2013.I feel the information is very helpful to the essay I’m writing. The author is Mother Agnes Mariam. The atrial points out that the children in the photos may have been kidnap and gassed by the rebels to look like the Syrian government gassed it’s own people. I find this hard to believe but after reading the article it intrigue me to do more research on the issue. Why would the rebels do this? Is it to make the Syrian government look bad to the international community? Which lead me to the next source, I retrieved this one on 10/13/2013 after reading the article I find it to have more of an angle of vision more then a reliability source. The article was written by Ken Hanly, he takes the position of Mark LeVine a professor of Middle Eastern history at UC Irvine, who points to more of a possibility that the rebels would not likely have access to chemical weapons. Which leaves me to believe that the Syrian government may have used chemical weapons on it’s own people. This is just the view of one person. I would think that of all the city’s and towns that the rebels have taken that it’s quite possible that they may have gotten there hands on these chemical