Syria: United States and Syrian Rebels Essay

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Should The U.S Attack The Syrian Government? A wise man, Bob Dylan, once pointed out, “All this talk about equality. The only thing people have in common is that they are all going to die.” What this quote essentially means is that no matter how hard human beings fight for equality, no one person will ever be equal to another. This world alone has come so far since the Four Founding Fathers signed the document stating that everyone was created equally; and that everyone shares the same amount of power. Yet to this day there is absolutely no equality in power. For instance, take a look at the events occurring in Syria. Merely a few months ago, the government massacred thousands of its citizens by using a chemical gas. The Syrian government opened fire to its own citizens, with no actions taken upon it. Yet, a child got arrested and tortured for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall; in what way is that power equality? Therefore, the United States should take a stand against the Syrian government and help the Syrian rebels. The United States government should take action to the events occurring in Syria, because many innocent human beings have died. In one of the president’s speech, he pointed out, “All tolled well over one thousand people were murdered. Several hundred of them were children. Young boys and girls gassed to death by their own government.” (Shoichet). The Syrian government killed over a thousand people in the city of Damascus by attacking them with a chemical weapon. Several of those people who died were children. When you hear this, you can't help but think about how cold hearted the president of Syria must be to not only murder his own people, but to also murder children that haven't even started to live. In addition to this, “Over one hundred thousand have been killed in the Syrian uprising over the last 28 months and the Obama administration did nothing.” (Fleitz) In just twenty eight months, the Syrian government has massacred one hundred thousand people. This was done without the help of the United States. Imagine how many people would’ve been saved if the United State would have intervened sooner. If the United States decides not to get involved, the count of people dead in Syria will only escalate. If the U.S government doesn't do something about the events occurring in Syria, then that gives the Syrian government the green light to use chemical weapons and torture their citizens. Many protesters believe that engaging in Syria’s civil war; will only bring the United States problems. Hossein Mausavian highlighted the idea, “The Syrian rebel groups have established powerful alliances with al-Qaeda since the beginning of the turmoil.” (Mausavian). Many U.S citizens don't want to get involved in helping the Syrian rebels, because they believe that if they get involved, then an alliance between al-Qaeda and the U.S will form. Given the fact that al-Qaeda is an origination put together by Osama Bin Laden, this organization cannot be trusted. However, it’s only a matter of time before al-Qaeda attacks the U.S. Whether the U.S is in an alliance with al-Qaeda or not, al-Qaeda is bound to attack the U.S at some point. So why should an alliance between the U.S and al-Qaeda stop the U.S from helping Syria? If the U.S doesn’t help the Syrian rebel because of an alliance with al-Qaeda, then that just shows al-Qaeda that the U. S is afraid of them. In Obama’s speech, he additionally stated, “We’ve ended one war in Iraq. We’re ending another one in Afghanistan…” (Shoichet). If the U.S attacks the Syrian government, then there’s a chance that the Syrian government will attack the U.S as well. Thus, the U.S will be in another war against Syria. Nonetheless, if a war between Syria and the United States breaks out, then it will be for the good of the people considering that the U.S will be helping the Syrian Rebels regain