Syrian Refugees and the Need for Brotherhood Essay

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We Have a New Sister
It was 2012 when I heard a continuous knocking at the door, I looked through the window to see who is it, but I did not recognize any of them, they were a family, 4 little boys and their mother , they looked so thin and tired in their ruptured clothes, I figured out that they were Syrian refugees, due to the sharp increase in number of Syrian refugees fleeing into Jordan since the Syrian civil war broke out in July 2011, who have fled their country to Jordan, I burst out crying when I hear the youngest one begging his mother to ask me for some food , I asked them to come inside ad prepared some food for them , they were so hungry.
My sister prepared her room to them, so they could get some rest. At night they took their shower, had some dinner, and slept right away, their journey was very difficult and of hazards and risks.She explained that she has lost her husband in one of the attacks on their village in Allipo she was very nice and polite lady same thing with her four children who were so well – mannered.
We shared everything food, money, house facilities and even the clothes, it was one of the most blessed time in our life as we were able to help this family who were so hopeless when they crossed the boarders from Syria to Jordan looking for more safety and secure atmosphere .Time goes by and we really used to have them in our life we get along with the children and their mom. After two months they decided to join the mom’s sister who settled down in another city in Jordan.
It was so hard for us to let them go, especially when the little