Syrian War Summary Essay

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Smit Soni

The article “More children joining ranks of Syria’s desperate rebels” by Raja
Abdulrahim illustrates the Syrian teenagers are aware that they are going to war for hundreds of fatigued and dead fighters and they might lose their life. Due to Syrian teens not having a choice they accept the possibility that they may die in the Syrian civil war which claimed
190,000 lives. The Human Rights Watch accused Syrians on the base that they are violating the international law for children by using child soldiers in the Syrian Civil War. Whereas on the other hand Hassan Suwaas notifies that a 14 year old observers it heritage getting destroyed prior of his eyes and watches his family members die he automatically learns to fight and gets ready to sacrifice his life in war. Majid a 16 year-old lies to her mom that he is far away from the front line of the war where as he is watching all the security camera located in front of the mosque. Whereas Majid’s father was on another battle line in the city worrying about his son trying to protect his heritage. Omar’s father thinking was that nothing is more valuable than the child. This illustrates that even though parents don't want their kids to be a part of war they have no other choice except using their kids as soldiers on the battlefield.
Another example of this is that when Omar’s mother pulls his son out of war she needed to change her mind about letting her son in the war after President Bashar Assad’s aerial bombardments and