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Task 1

Task 1.1

Problems that are identified from the manual system of the Dawson Stores(D.S)

As a analyst I have requested to develop a computerize system form change the manual system which is doing by the D.S company currently doing now. Because of the below reason the system needs to develop as a computerized system
They are spending the more time to the manage their stocks and accounts.

* To identified a Client’s details is very difficult in the manual system.

* If they had many translations they have to keep the all records in papers as records. So the place to store the records also need much and the security also want to keep in high quality.

* For the particular work the company need to appoint many staffs so the company have to pay much amount for the employees.

* If a staff want to search an account or a translation details the staff need to go through the files and the all records. This will make work trouble.

* In order to stay on top of the companies they have to analyze the performance of the departments and discover all the deviations from the plan and their causes.

* There are many chances to lose the data.

* When they have to do accounts management they have to manage their accounts periodically.

* The workflow and quality of information flow is not much batter in working with manual system because it is fully controlled by employees and if any errors made searching and correcting those errors are pretty hard.

* Update and remove data form the records will be difficult when they di with the manual system.

* The invoice process will take late and if there is a large customer on a current time there will happen a queue of crowd.

* When the company manager needs to take a report regarding the translations or account details it should take much time to gather the report of details.

Functional requirements of the system

* Easy way of storing client details
Using the computerized information system the company people’s can store the details of clients as like they wish. The system will be very user-friendly and the work can be done easily.

* Increase transaction
The transaction of the system will be very high than the manual system because the system will be fully connected with LAN so any transactions can be done anywhere.

* Spy cams availability * Create a website to get details about the Dowson sons and online accommodation.
Using the system there can be design a website and integrate to the system. here after any clients can access or purchase through the internet using the the official website. * Allow self service
In the company can implement barcode reader or other biometric technologies for self service which can be done by the clients.

* Reduce number of employees.
When using the computer system the number of employees will needed very less than the earlier time.

* Reduce Employees work flow.

* Identify when error occurs quickly
When errors occurred in the system or any data conflicts it can be solve easily and it can be handle without tension. There should be a function to find out the errors so the users no need to worry about the errors.

* Enable quick finding of Clients details.
The searching operation can be done vey quickly. When they used the manual system they was handle a huge difficult on quick search. But in this system any number of data and it can be stored before one year even can be search easily.

* Store a list of clients with client ID and other essential data.
The clients details can be store separately with unique numbers that is call as the client ID. This method is easy for search and for other operations.

* Easy way of backups.
When this Dawson Stores used the manual system the major problem might was data backups. When the company has lost the data it should make a big problem to the company. But while we using this computer…